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About Corey Rich journey in Argentina.

As with all the most interesting jobs of my career, this one started with an out of the blue phone call. I picked up, happy to hear the voice of Gen Umei, my friend at Nikon’s ad agency in Tokyo. And he had a most interesting pitch:

“Corey, we would like you to help launch our new prosumer DSLR camera, the Nikon D7200. We want you to plan a trip where you can focus on shooting video … But there’s a catch. You have to bring it down to just the basics.

You can’t use any of the big bells and whistles that you normally use. What can you do with the most basic kit?”

It was a really intriguing proposition, not only because I love challenges, but because this one really aligned with my core philosophy that less is more.

At first, I’ll be honest. I shuddered at the thought that all my “big-production-value” tricks and tactics would be taken away from me. But then I realized that this would be challenging and fun. And, of course, it would be my honor to help Nikon launch another stunning DSLR camera.

I assembled the most basic kit I thought I could get away with. In addition to the D7200 camera body, I brought a few lenses, a Manfrotto fluid-head tripod and monopod, some cam straps, a suction cup and some very basic continuous LED lighting from LitePanels. And that was it.

I also teamed up with Andy Hancock, a super talented fellow Nikon Ambassador and still shooter. Andy would be responsible for shooting the still photos, while I would shoot the main video and direct the behind-the-scenes (BTS) piece and how-to videos with my BTS video crew.

My team, led by Josh Marianelli, also took on the responsibility of producing the entire shoot and working through the logistics. We literally contemplated locations on every continent but ultimately settled on Argentina—a spectacular place I’ve visited a number of times over the years and personally love.

We really lucked out with the weather. The skies were fantastically blue, while the atmosphere was mercifully windless. All of which landed us some pretty stunning footage of Buenos Aires’ culturally rich neighborhoods and sprawling cityscapes and the striking landscapes of El Chalten in Southern Argentine Patagonia, with Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy ranges/massifs anchoring our backdrop. That was a real treat.

So, here it is, “Sur.” I hope you enjoy it, and the BTS video of how Andy and I shot and approached this campaign using the Nikon D7200. I have to say that for a “prosumer” camera, this bad boy really packed a punch and delivered really superb stills and video. But more importantly, what I realized from my time in Argentina is the idea that I find myself coming back to over and over: Less is more, and creativity is truly not limited by your kit.

Big thanks to Kumi-san and the team at Nikon Inc. for the amazing opportunity. Thanks to K&L in Tokyo, especially Gen, Springfield and Osamu, both for the opportunity and for joining us on another action-packed adventure.

A huge thank you to the entire BTS and production crew for capturing B-Roll footage and setting records for sleep deprivation: Julia Arcamone, Dane Henry, Bryan Liscinsky, Bligh Gillies, Palmer Taylor, Sean Haverstock, Marina Rich, Rex Lint, Chris Stamey, Andy Mead, Connie Glynn, Pato Cornejo, Cata Fecchino, Mariana Dimarco, Matias Torino, Maria Salinas at CasaBabel and all of our talent who accompanied Andy and I on our journey south.

Our BTS production couldn’t have run so smoothly without the tremendous support of EasyRig, FreeFly Systems, Kessler, Lowepro, Litepanels, Nikon, Manfrotto, SanDisk and SmallHD.

And finally a special thank you to my family, Marina and Leila, for being the ultimate road warriors, and Vovó (grandma) Bea for watching Leila while we worked.

Onward to the next adventure!

Sur Argentina, A Visual Odyssey from Corey Rich Productions on Vimeo.